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Model Railroad Fast Time Clock

Adding a fast time clock to your model railroad could be easier than you think. Why bother with high prices, shipping, and unknown manufacturing standards when you could turn that trusty old cellphone in your bottom drawer into a nice time display.

Fast Clock Image

You can install the primary Fast Clock here, and if you wish to have multiple displays around the layout, a Bluetooth Fast Clock Client located here can be installed on multiple other devices. The time displayed on the Fast Clock Client will automatically sync with the time displayed on the original Fast Clock.

If you've never installed an App before or are not sure about Bluetooth and Android, our FAQ can get you started in the right direction.

Fast Clock Screen Capture

The clock can display 12 or 24 hour time, and can run at multiple speeds from 2:1 to 16:1. The start time and settings are remembered from session to session making it a breeze to get started. Just click start!

Purchase yours today at Google Play!